Shortys not only helps customers. We also help businesses get their message out to customers! Check out some of the many ways we do this:


Mobile Video Billboard.

Target Your Geographic Market.

Be the first in the market and shut out your competitors with this unique promotional opportunity. Shortys Mobile Convience Store is on the road every day, meaning your video ad can be too. When you sign up for Mobile Video Advertising, you can also become the exclusive promoter for your business category, to best optimize your exposure.


Our Website. Your Customers.

Reach Our Shoppers While They Shop.

We can direct customers your way with our targeted On-Menu & On-Page promotion. Your brand is the first your customers see when they are looking for what you and your competitors are offering, giving you a running start to land their business.


Receipt Advertising.

Get in the Door.

With Receipt Advertising, you know you’ll make it into the home of Shortys customers with every purchase or rental they make. We include a real offer-of-value to ensure that that reciept gets saved, which means more visability for your product or service!


Photo Verified Delivery.

100% Flyer Delivery Guarantee.

Why do we do photo verification? We want you to be certain your flyer is getting to the homes in your target neighbourhood. Turn to us, your neighbourhood concierge, to help get your message into your community.

Ready to learn more? Email and one of our team members will be happy to chat!